Custodiol® HTK Solution is intended for perfusion and flushing donor kidney, liver, heart, and pancreas prior to removal from the donor and for preserving these organs during hypothermic storage and transport to the recipient. It is based on the principle of inactivating organ function by withdrawal of extracellular sodium and calcium, together with intense buffering of the extracellular space by means of histidine/histidine HCl, so as to prolong the period for which the organs will tolerate interruption of blood and oxygen.

Custodiol® HTK Solution is low in potassium concentration so that residual solution in the transplanted organ poses no danger to the recipient. This is particularly important in organs that take up relatively large amounts of the perfusate which may appear in the recipient’s circulation. In fact, Custodiol® HTK does not need to be flushed from the donor organ prior to implantation