Clinical Trials Compared CUSTODIOL® (HTK Solution) to University of Wisconsin (UW) Solution in Adult Liver Transplantation1,8,9


Biliary Complications Following Liver Transplantation in the Model for End-Stage LiverDiseases Era: Effect of Donor, Recipient and Technical Factors9

Among this study are findings in 256 decreased donor liver transplants. The bile leak rate was 18% and stricture rate 23%. Use of histidine-tryptophan ketoglutarate (HTK) versus University of Wisconsin (UW) solution was protective.


* Graft function in the first 5 days postimplant was characterized on the basis of blood chemistry as Good (GOT-max 50%); Fair (GOT 1000-2500 U/L, clotting factor support 2500 U/L, clotting factor support >2 days)

+ PDF = Initial Poor function & Primary Non Function

Custodiol® HTK in Extended Criteria Liver Donors

This study presents experience in a large number of SCD and ECD (698) adult cadaveric liver transplants.10

All liver enzymes were measured and graphed at 1, 7, 14 and 30 days post-transplant. Livers preserved with HTK have a higher initial AST and ALT in SCD and (P)ECD livers, whereas the UW-preserved livers have a higher AST and ALT in old donor livers. In all groups, these differences disappear by postoperative day 7.10


  • HTK has a much lower viscosity that may result in better penetration of the microcirculation for a better flush. This may lead to a lower rate of biliary complications and may provide a more thorough flush.10
  • HTK is protective against biliary complications when compared to UW.10
  • … patient and graft survival between UW preserved and HTK preserved ECD livers are equivalent…10

* (P)EC = Physiologic extended criteria donors
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Liver Transplant Biliary Complications for Deceased Donor Grafts: Comparison of HTK and UW Solutions

W. A. Marshall¹, A. J. Tector¹, T. C. Borup1, R. S. Mangus¹ ¹Indiana University School Of Medicine,Surgery/Transplant,Indianapolis, IN, USA

HTK liver graft preservation in deceased donors is associated with better graft survival, less imaging, less risk of biliary leak and intrahepatic stricture, and a lower risk of intrahepatic strictures in DCD grafts.

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