What is the difference between Custodiol HTK and UW solution?

Custodiol is a low viscosity solution with low levels of potassium (low enough that Custodiol need not be flushed out of the organ prior to implantation) and sodium. The low sodium allows for increased osmotic space for better buffering. While UW provides lactobionate and raffinose, Custodiol uses mannitol, a very safe product. Custodiol also offers excellent buffering with Histidine, whereas UW uses phosphate buffers. Custodiol is the only preservation solution approved for abdominal and thoracic organ transplants.

Does Custodiol HTK need to be refrigerated?

Custodiol should be kept in the refrigerator at 2-8°C and protected from light.

How do I order Custodiol HTK?

Custodiol can easily be ordered by using several contact methods. Click here for details.  New customers can usually be set up the same day.

I left my solution out of the fridge for 24 hours, do I have to discard?

For specific answers, please see our stability table of accelerated temperature conditions. This assumes the product was not exposed to light exposure.

What is in Custodiol HTK?

Custodiol’s primary ingredients are: Histidine – a potent cellular buffer; Tryptophan – An antioxidant, also supports membrane activity. Ketoglutarate is also a membrane stabilizer and is a substrate for anaerobic metabolism.

Is Custodiol HTK approved cardioplegia?

Custodiol is approved for cardioplegia associated with heart transplant surgery.

What volumes does Custodiol HTK come in?

Custodiol is available in 500ml bottles, and 1-liter, 2-liter, and 5-liter bags.

What is the shelf life of Custodiol HTK?

One year from the date of manufacture

Can I flush with Custodiol HTK even though I use machine to transport?

Yes. Procurement of the organ prior to placing in a perfusion pump machine is still accomplished with an organ preservation solution such as Custodiol HTK.

Is Custodiol HTK ready to use or require any additives?

Custodiol HTK is ready-to-use as it arrives, requiring no additives or filters.

How does Custodiol HTK compare in price to other preservations solutions?

Custodiol is preferentially priced to brand Viaspan and competitive with the generic UW’s currently available.

What organs is Custodiol approved for use in?

Custodiol is the only organ preservation solution in the United States approved for use in both abdominal and thoracic organs, with approvals for kidney, liver, pancreas and heart preservation prior to transplant.

Are there other products I may be interested in?

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