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Breaking News - FDA Investigates Safety of Cardioplegic Solutions Produced by NECC - BE SAFE! Use Custodiol HTK®!

Two transplant patients who received a solution produced by NECC to induce cardiac muscle paralysis during open heart surgery have subsequently developed the rare fungal meningitis.

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Hypothermic Renal Protection Using Cold Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate Solution Perfusion in Suprarenal Aortic Surgery

We examined data of 21 patients who were treated with selective perfusion of both renal arteries with 500 mlof B"C histidine­tryptophan-ketoglutarate (HTK) solution each for renal protection during aortic surgery.

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Ask The Experts Forum

An open forum for transplant professionals

This interactive forum is solely devoted to questions and expert answers from medical peers and professionals that have expertise in the organ preservation solution arena.

This interactive site provides peer to peer education. It allows you to post a question, answer a previously asked question should you know the answer, and is monitored for content and clarification purposes by an Organ Preservation Solution expert.

I have never had to re-operate on a liver transplant patient because of biliary complications since I've used Custodiol.
- Dr. Charles Miller, Cleveland Clinic
With Custodiol, the flush in the liver is more uniform and homogenous, providing better protection.
- Dr. Paulo Fontes, University of Pittsburgh
I use Custodiol HTK exclusively and my results are better than the national average.
- Dr. James Eason, University of Tennessee
Centers that have a lot of experience using HTK have excellent outcomes.
- Dr. John Fung, Cleveland Clinic
I now routinely use Custodiol for my more complicated cardiac surgical operations and have been uniformly impressed with all aspects of myocardial protection afforded by this agent.
- Dr. Joseph Cleveland, Jr., University of Colorado at Denver
We use Custodiol HTK solution to flush all our LDLT grafts and find it superior to other solutions at reperfusion.
- Dr. David Mulligan, Director, Transplant Center, Mayo Clinic
I have used Custodiol exclusively for the past decade in all living donor and cadaveric transplantation with excellent preservation and graft function.
- Dr. Juan Arenas, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Recent Studies

Reducing Pediatric Live Transplant Complications: A Potential Roadmap for Transplant Quality Improvement Initiatives Within North America
Click here to read the full study
by M.J. Englesbe, B. Kelly, J.Goss, A. Fecteau, J. Mitchell, W. Andrews, G. Krapohl, J.C. Magee, G. Mazariegos, S. Horslen and J. Bucuvalas
New Randomized Kidney Study Reaffirms Custodiol's Protective Capabilities
Click here to read the full study
by O’Callaghan, J.M., et al
HTK Superior to LR in Preventing DGF – and, more Cost-Effective
Click here to read the full study
by Rofaiel, G. et al, #P-40
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Clearly Custodiol® Blog

Dr. John Fung and his experience with Custodiol HTK – his words

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HTK-Custodiol solution thus offers significant protection of myocardial mitochondria against cold ischemic injury and can be used as efficient preservation solution in organ transplantation .
The effects of cold storage using Custodiol® (Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate, HTK) or isotonic saline solution on mitochondrial function in hearts (left and rights ventricles) and various blood vessels of pigs were investigated. Hearts, saphenous veins, internal-mammary-arteries and aortas of male landrace pigs were harvested and exposed to cold ischemia in either saline or Custodiol-HTK solution. Mitochondrial function
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Custodiol HTK was the preservation solution used in this successful Liver transplant
This video documents a liver transplant performed by Dr. Mark Ghobrial at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas.
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Custodiol HTK noted under Best Practices
Englesbe-Reducing Ped Liver Tx Complications Improvement Initiatives 9-12 Check out Step 3b: Best Practice Report: Biliary Complications Liver flush with histidine-tryptophan-ketoglutarate (HTK) solution. American Journal of Transplantation 2012; 12: 2301–2306 Reducing Pediatric Liver Transplant Complications: A Potential Roadmap for Transplant Quality Improvement Initiatives Within North America  M. J. Englesbea,∗, B. Kellyb , J. Gossc , A. Fecteaud , J.
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New Study accepted by the FDA – Custodiol-HTK Cardioplegia
New Study accepted by the FDA from Marc Sakwa, MD, William Beaumont Hospitals. The purpose of the study is to demonstrate that Custodiol-HTK is not inferior to cold cardioplegic solution in patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery requiring cardioplegic arrest.
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Best Practices Include Custodiol® HTK! Abstract Presented at the Upcoming ATC
Best Practices by High Performing Pediatric Liver Transplant Programs. Beau Kelly, Michael Englesbe, John Goss, Annie Fecteau, Jeff Mitchell, Walter S. Andrews, John Magee, Simon Horslen, John Bucuvalas. Surgery, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN; Surgery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; Surgery, University of Texas, Houston, TX; Surgery, Sick Kids of Toronto Children’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada;
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Custodiol® in the News

New Study Underway
A new study is currently recruiting participants under the title Custodiol-HTK Solution as a Cardioplegic Agent - A Prospective Non-Inferiority Randomized Clinical Trial. For more information, visit
Custodiol® HTK used in less-than-perfect organs.
Donor demographics are changing and the need for transplant organs far outnumbers donations. Surgeons are turning to organs donated from nontraditional sources.
Read more in USATODAY.
Female Hand Transplant Story
The first hand transplant in the U.S. done on a woman and is the first done at a government defense facility. This honor belongs to San Antonio! According to a spokesperson at the San Antonio OPO, Custodiol® HTK is all they stock for Organ Preservation solution, Custodiol® is what was used to preserve!
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Double Arm Transplant
Five teams of medical professionals worked to graft donor arms onto the body of a German farmer in the world's first complete double arm transplant.
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Organ Transplant Statistics for the United States
The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), a nonprofit charitable organization, maintains the nation's organ transplant waiting list.
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Ask The Experts

An open forum for transplant professionals at
Visit our interactive forum which provides a platform for questions and expert answers from your medical peers and professionals that have expertise in the organ preservation solution arena. We believe that peer to peer education is "essential."
  CUSTODIOL® HTK Solution is indicated for perfusion and flushing of donor kidneys, liver, pancreas and heart prior to removal from the donor or immediately after removal from the donor. The solution is left in the organ vasculature during hypothermic storage and transportation (not for continuous perfusion) to the recipient. Read More...