The BEST Customer Service from Essential Pharmaceuticals and Custodiol® HTK

Imagine this – a new customer (Hospital) orders Custodiol® HTK organ preservation solution for a surgical procedure scheduled for 10:00 am the next day.

Imagine that at 8:30 a.m. it dawned on the person who ordered it, that they did NOT note that it was needed for an 8:30 a.m. delivery. This person picks up the phone to call his rep for Custodiol® HTK in a panic, pleading for help. Our rep calls Essential Pharmaceuticals Customer Service and asks what (if anything) can be done. Imagine, our customer service rep calls Fed Ex and asks what they can do to change the routing to get the product there by the time of the operation. Imagine, Fed Ex changes the routing (knowing this was a lifesaving operation) and gets the product there within 30 minutes!!

No need to imagine – this entire scenario played out this morning. Because of the dedication of our Essential Rep, our Customer Service specialist and a very smart and understanding person at Fed Ex, someone received the lifesaving operation on time using Custodiol®HTK!!!

Now THAT’S Customer Service!!!

This man helped get things done and save a life

This man helped get things done and save a life

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