Essential Pharmaceuticals is "movin on up"

Essential Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company that makes products that preserve organs for transplantation, is about to undergo a transplant of its own. The 11-person staff of the company is moving on May 22 from Newtown, Pennsylvania, to the Princeton South Corporate Center just off I-95 at Exit 4.

The main reason for seeking new quarters in the first place is that Essential is expecting a surge of growth over the next several years as it rolls out a new line of products. Cell-Ess is a synthetic replacement for cow’s blood that is used to nourish cell cultures. Cryo-ess is a substance that allows cells to be preserved in a frozen state. Clin-Ess is for preserving cold or frozen tissue samples for study and diagnostic testing.

“This is a hugely exciting time for us,” Weber says. “It’s a huge growth period. We expect these new products to take our company to triple its size, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes up from five to six times that. The potential is gigantic.”

Allan Weber - CEO

Allan Weber – CEO

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