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Transplantation of a horseshoe kidney from a living donor: Case report, long term outcome and donor safety

The use of a horseshoe kidney in renal transplant remains controversial, when it is found in the evaluation of a living donor, anatomical, surgical and ethical issues are involved. A 51 year old woman was considered as a kidney donor to her 30 year-old son. Recipient was transplanted 11 years before with his father’s right kidney and implanted in the left side of the lower abdomen. After 10 years of adequate renal function, he developed chronic rejection and returned to hemodialysis. A new transplant was proposed and the mother was found to be the only available donor. Mother’s preoperative study
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Exhibiting at Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Meeting Oct. 3rd

We are proud to have been invited to exhibit at the Current Issues in the Care of Dialysis and Transplant Patients on October 3 in Washington DC.  This program will focus on the diagnosis and treatment and advances in Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation. We are honored to have been asked By Dr. Matthew Cooper of Georgetown University to be part of this educational program
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